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Now you can order traditional paper photo prints from your own photo files in our new online store. Image sizes start at 10 x 15 cm and prices start at 45 cents. In the picture product menu, you can find e.g. mugs and textiles, and as decoration products we have e.g. canvas boards and posters.

Graduation photo shoot booking

Come to the Helios studio for your graduation photo shoot. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer exceptional graduation photography services at a time convenient for you, either before or after your special day. Book a photo shoot by phone or email.

Book a photoshoot by phone or email: 050 4951250 or The price, € 89, includes two 12 x 15 cm portraits, additional photos € 13.50 / piece. Ask for the prices of other picture sizes and thank you cards when ordering.

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Passport photos

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Photo Products

Helios is a versatile photography store and studio located in Joensuu, with a central position right in the city centre. With over 30 years of experience, the photo products and photography services offered by this long-serving business are a reliable choice if you are considering tasks such as photo printing, digitization, or passport photos in Joensuu.

Helios’ photography services include, among others, driving license photos, ID card photos, passport photos, and corporate staff photos. Other studio photography sessions, such as child portraits, confirmation portraits, graduation portraits, and wedding photography, capture other significant milestones in life.

Getting your photos developed at Helios is convenient, as you can choose to have your own photos printed directly from your mobile phone in-store. In addition to digital photos, the services encompass the development of slides, negatives, and film photos. Furthermore, a variety of other physical photo products and gifts are available: frames, photo books, photo calendars, picture mugs, canvas prints, and much more.

Helios also offers services for revitalizing old memories, as image editing allows for the restoration of old photos. Digitization, on the other hand, preserves old videos by converting them into digital formats. Both the digitization of slide films and VHS digitization in Joensuu can be accomplished at Helios.

High-quality cameras, lenses, binoculars, and telescopes for personal hobbies are also available.

Turn a photo into a gift or have your digital photos produced in Joensuu, supporting a local business. Welcome to visit the newly renovated Helios photography store on Koskikatu!